Wasabi Grown In Oregon, USA

Purchase:  We offer national an international sales.  We primarily ship our product by FedEx.  We can ship anywhere in the world and guarantee a fresh, clean and flavorful product.  Shipping is typically overnight or two-day. The product is packaged with thermal box liners and ice for the journey.  During summer months, the ice packs are typically doubled to ensure cool internal box temperatures.

Rhizome Retail Pricing is as follows: (contact Markus for wholesale prices.)

1/4 pound:  $35

1/2 pound: $70

1 Pound: $100

Leaves/stems available (Please contact for pricing)

We sell wasabi plant starts (called "offshoots").  These starts are the same starts wasabi growers use to propogate commercial wasabi.  From even the smallest offshoot, a wasabi plant can grow.  As long as there is an apical maristem, the plant can grow.  The offshoot does not need to have roots, stems or leaves to grow a plant.  The offshoots with rhizomes will grow somewhat more quickly than a smaller offshoot.  The plant uses the rhizome as food / nutrient storage and the larger the rhizome, the more resilient the offshoot.

We sell both daruma and mazuma varieties.  RETAIL offshoot prices vary depending on desired size.  Smaller offshoots are a lower cost than larger ones.    are available: $10.00/ea if ordering less than 10 quantity; otherwise $8.00/ea

(contact Markus for wholesale offshoot prices.)
The following potted wasabi was grown from a very small offshoot that did not have a rhizome. 

How to place an order:

1.  Email:  Markus@FrogEyesWasabi.com

2.  Provide the following information: 

  1. Shipping address
  2. customer phone number (and alternative email if applicable), and
  3. order specifics (volume, variety, size), and
  4. desired shipping method (one or two day), and
  5. desired delivery date (see shipping below), and
  6. verification that the package can be received by a person on the desired delivery date.

Markus will return your email and confirm the order

Order is harvested and shipped

Invoice is sent the Friday of the delivery week electronically and can be paid by check to the remittance address or QuikBooks.  Invoices are sent by Jennifer Bloeser(co-owner and farmer and accountant).  Please email Jennifer for questions.

Delivery days are Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Please use this guide when determining desired delivery date. We harvest each weekend.  We ship on Mondays to assure product received by Thursdays.  One week is usually required to harvest, process and ship orders.  Please contact for specifics.  

Shipping Cost: Western US is usually 1-2 day FedEx Ground. Cost is approximately $9-35 + shipping materials 

All other US is typically 2-day FedEx Express (air).  Eastern or Southern US is typically $35 + shipping materials 

Overnight is possible. Cost is approximately $65-75  + materials

Customer pays for shipping materials (box, ice, thermal lining).  This is approximately $4.18 with one ice and $5.18 with two ice (two day shipping is often two ice particularly in the summer).

Packaging example: thermal box liner and ice with rhizomes 

Rhizome after arriving in Germany - 2-day shipping

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